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Why Model Driven Engineering is the future of Software Development

Attesting to the power of Model Driven Software Engineering based on formal methods, this unique case describes the realisation of the entire control and application software for the Liteq 500, a lithographic advanced packaging production system for semiconductors. Using Verum's software design tools, a small team of engineers realised a large, complex software system that is both reliable and robust. They dealt with the uncertainties of 3rd party software, coped with requirements that evolved over time, decreased the amount of testing they performed and consider themselves to have become better engineers as a consequence. They accomplished all this while sustaining in excess of a x2.5 productivity improvement over the entire product development cycle when compared to a conventional, code based development approach.  This case is special because, for the first time, it clearly provides a holistic view of the long term results of the large scale application of model driven engineering and consequentially points to the future of software development.

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